HI, I'm Will

I help home-educating parents give their child the best musical education with my fun & interactive online music lessons

  • Join live or learn at your own pace (lessons on-demand)
  • Thoroughly researched curriculum
  • Interactive & engaging style

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Thanks to my 15+ years' teaching experience, your child will be immersed in music classes that are not just educational, but also incredibly fun.


Thoroughly-researched lessons ensure your child develops a strong musical foundation.

Demonstrate achievements with HOMEWORK

Weekly homework encourages your child to reinforce what they've learned, ensuring continual progress. Let inspectors see that Music is an integral part of your curriculum.

"With music, one’s whole future life is brightened. This is such a treasure in life that it helps us over many troubles and difficulties."

— Zoltan Kodály​​



  • Digital goodybag EVERY MONTH, packed with fun activities
  • Digital goodybag archives access
  • TWO FREE archive lessons



Everything in FREE, plus:

  • Live, weekly music lessons (12 per term - VIEW CURRENT LESSON SCHEDULE)
  • On-demand replay available for 30 days
  • Weekly homework
  • Stamp for Children's University passport



Everything in LIVE, plus:

  • Full lesson archives (50+ lessons and growing!)
  • Special weekly on-demand Musicianship video
  • Personalised six-weekly assessment of your child's progress
  • FREE GIFT - Pupil workbook posted to your doorstep (worth £6.30 - UK mainland only)


What age are these lessons for?

Music is for everyone and my lessons teach and inspire students from a wide range of abilities and ages. This being said, I plan primarily with children aged 7-12yrs in mind. Families with children aged 4-6 also love them, though!

I've tried Zoom lessons and my children didn't get on with them. How are yours different?

Watched live, lessons are interactive through quizzes and Q&A text chat. However, whether live or on-demand, my lessons are engaging thanks to singing, rhythm games and zany jingles. I teach the 45min lesson as a series of four-five short lesson snippets and this keeps children hooked. Children with ADHD and other special educational needs, in particular, find my lessons uniquely engaging. Come and see for yourself!

I'm not a musical parent. Is that a problem?

Neither were mine! So I understand your situation. I see my role as 50:50 helping children and parents, so rest assured I'm here to help. The simplest thing you can do to 'teach yourself' is attend the lessons along with your child!

How do I watch lessons?

You'll receive an invitation link from Zoom the morning of the lesson. Click this link and join from any device (Windows, Apple, Android, etc.) To get the most from lessons, use good speakers and a large screen (e.g. tablet or laptop).

Are lessons recorded?

Yes, lessons can be watched whenever suits you, or even watched again! Since I run the lesson as a 'webinar', students are not recorded.

Do I need any special equipment?

None at all! Bring your voice, a smile and a pair of listening ears. Oh, and plastic cups & a bouncy ball might come in handy!

How many children can join per device?

How big is your room? ;-)

Are your lessons good for children with SEND?

Absolutely! In fact, parents of children with special educational needs often reach out to thank me for the lessons. Why? It seems that both the subject of music and my engaging teaching style resonates with children with SEND more than any other online class parents have tried. I'm so pleased!

Do you home educate your own children?

I remember somebody pointing out that the school day lasts only 7-8hrs, the other 16-7 being spent at home with parents, so in reality don't we all home educate, but it's just the hours that differ? 😁 As our boys are 2yo and 2mo, we're not at that point where anything official has been decided, but home educating is definitely being considered.

Can't you do these lessons for free?

Good teaching is valuable. Some resources on the web are 'free' but, in reality, are supported by ads or based on a model which constantly pesters you to upgrade. I like to be upfront and straightforward about the cost of learning and I keep the cost as low as I can so that families of all budgets can afford to add music to their home ed journey. Thank you for supporting me - you keep my little mouths fed 😁

Do you teach religious music?

No and this makes sure my lessons appeal to all families, regardless of background or belief.

Do you teach IGCSE Music?

Not yet, but I'm always looking for new ways to help home educating children succeed, so watch this space!

What if I want to cancel?

Of course! You can cancel at any time! :-)


Absolutely recommended. Will is so engaging and informative without ever being dull! All home education should be this much fun. Definitely cant wait for more.



Hi Will, we've just listened to the recording and enjoyed it so much. My son found your style so engaging - and we've tried a LOT of zoom classes!


Parent of three

Will is such a find!! Brilliant way to learn music and he’s so upbeat and fun, my two young kids love him. I’m picking up lovely helpful tips and tricks too 😁


Mum of two

Will's early education

I'm so glad my parents arranged music lessons for me, but including music in home education can be hard!

As a home educated music teacher, I have a unique perspective from which to craft lessons perfectly matched to home educating families.

Music lessons from a home-ed for home-eds - perfect!


Our children are 9 and 5 they adore Will's music lessons. They have learnt so much and love engaging as he has such a wonderful balance of teaching and kind nature. Thank you so much for the time and effort that goes into the classes.


Mum of two

Will’s lessons are fantastic! My daughter is 12 and looks forward to them every week. Really engaging and interactive for an online class.



My 12yr old twins love these music lessons. Will keeps them totally engaged and they love his 'dad' jokes that get woven into the session. They share their newfound knowledge with the entire family and often follow on the lessons with some further independent research.


Mum of two

ACTIVE Learning experiences

My lessons actively engage your child's mind, encouraging them to think creatively & independently

Goodbye boring - Hello FUN!

Listening, dancing, singing. Master music theory, explore rich histories, challenge your child with quizzes & games - all kinds of fun!

Boost Emotional Well-being

The language of music helps children communicate their emotions, reduce anxiety and find new strengths.

Will's teaching experience

For many years, I enjoyed teaching music in a local Ofsted 'outstanding' independent school. Seeing children, no matter their background or aptitude, get excited about music convinced me that music learning should be accessible for all. Here I also developed an engaging teaching style which infuses each and every online music lesson I teach.

What about...

piano lessons?

I teach piano 1-2-1 via Zoom. If you'd like to learn more and see my teaching diary to book a lesson, please click below:

Music lessons and resources specially crafted for home-educating parents.