• Digital goodybag EVERY MONTH, packed with fun activities
  • Digital goodybag archives access
  • SPECIAL GUEST lessons

What do goodybags feature?

Here are just some features of my goodybags:


This section will help your child:

  • Test their memory of composer and music theory facts

Music for your mind

This section will help your child:

  • Listen to music curated by Will
  • Explore expressive response to music by drawing
  • Better understand the emotions conveyed by contrasting compositions

Musical Match-up

Here your child will:

  • Test their memory of composer and music theory facts in an appealing 'multiple choice' style activity
  • Learn Italian musical words

Quirky Quiz

This section will help your child:

  • Further develop their understanding of musical concepts in the form of a quiz!


Here your child will:

  • Get a taster of our popular weekly music lessons
  • Meet special guests: composers, instrument-makers and more!


Our children are 9 and 5 they adore Will's music lessons. They have learnt so much and love engaging as he has such a wonderful balance of teaching and kind nature. Thank you so much for the time and effort that goes into the classes.


Mum of two

Will’s lessons are fantastic! My daughter is 12 and looks forward to them every week. Really engaging and interactive for an online class.



My 12yr old twins love these music lessons. Will keeps them totally engaged and they love his 'dad' jokes that get woven into the session. They share their newfound knowledge with the entire family and often follow on the lessons with some further independent research.


Mum of two


Music lessons and resources specially crafted for home-educating parents.