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  • Weekly homework
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What do lessons feature?

Here are just some features of my lessons:

Music Tech


This section will help your child:

  • Create music in a simple, playful way
  • Understand melody, rhythm & harmony
  • Compose using a FREE & SIMPLE online tool

Music Tech


This section will help your child:

  • Learn how to produce like a pro using FREE and intuitive online tools!
  • Nurture creativity
  • Experiment with songs they love (movie/game music, Rush-E, even Rick Roll)

Reading music

Here your child will:

  • Learn how to read five-line music
  • Demystify musical notation
  • Gain solid foundations to learn an instrument


This section will help your child:

  • Learn to sing with fun, well-researched games
  • Develop critical 'inner ear' skills
  • Explore music with movement
  • Learn music by world-renowned Kodàly approach

Music history

Here your child will:

  • Distinguish between musical periods
  • Gain an insight into famous composers
  • Bring music history to life!

Interactive quizzes

This section will help your child:

  • Feel engaged in the lessons
  • Ensure key points are understood
  • Stay motivated with no fear of failure (no exams!)

Music Theory

Here your child will:

  • Learn specific musical devices used by composers and their effect
  • Become confident discussing musical features
  • Gain an insight into instrumental techniques across the orchestra

Chill with Will!

A much loved section ending most lessons, this helps children:

  • Deal with anxiety
  • Connect emotionally with music
  • Watch me play some piano!
  • Mull over the lesson calmly
  • Simply immerse in music from various composers


Our children are 9 and 5 they adore Will's music lessons. They have learnt so much and love engaging as he has such a wonderful balance of teaching and kind nature. Thank you so much for the time and effort that goes into the classes.


Mum of two

Will’s lessons are fantastic! My daughter is 12 and looks forward to them every week. Really engaging and interactive for an online class.



My 12yr old twins love these music lessons. Will keeps them totally engaged and they love his 'dad' jokes that get woven into the session. They share their newfound knowledge with the entire family and often follow on the lessons with some further independent research.


Mum of two


Music lessons and resources specially crafted for home-educating parents.